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Kindergarten at Dudley Elementary » Long Vowels

Long Vowels

a: *e: *i: *o: *u:

push pin: Long Vowel Activities
Songs and Cheers

~ Vowel Cheer
~ These are the Vowels
~ Vowel Family
~ Sweet Vowels
~ The Vowel Song
~ Techno Count to 100
~ Everybody Do A Pattern
~ There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

* Found vowels around the room and in our morning message
* Worked on printing words with long vowels
* Review vowels and consonants
* Listen for the /w/ sound in words
* Review compound words
* Practiced Letter Tiles
* Practiced putting our tiles and words in ABC order
* Can code and read many words!
* New sight word:  my!
* Can code long vowels with a macron!

push pin: Books We Read
* A Was Once an Apple Pie by Edward Lear
* Alphabet Mystery by Audrey Wood
* The Ants Go Marching Two by Two by Maria Fleming
* 30 Mice Are Very Nice by Maria Fleming
* And Many Others

push pin: Center Activities
* Math Center – Make ABBC patterns using pattern blocks
* Computer Center – Play webkinz or other games
* Dramatic Play- Free play in the classroom
* Alphabet Center – Make Rainbow Sight Words
* Reading Center – Read our new decorable reader:  My Pal Bo

push pin: Math Activities
* Used Tangrams
* Count by 5’s and 10’s
* Create ABBC patterns
* Compare numbers

* Review Left and Right
* Review dimes, pennies, nickles and quarters!
Count 1-100
* Review greater and less
* Practiced writing as far as we can!