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Kindergarten at Dudley Elementary » Letter V

Letter V


push pin: Letter Vv Activities
Songs and Cheers

~ Vv Cheer
~ Syllable Clap
~ Will You Be My Valentine?
~ Bringing Home a Valentine
~ Alphabet Forward and Backward
~ Dinosaur Boogie
~ Alphabet Train
~ Techno Count to 100

* Learned Sign Language sign for the letter Vv
* Found v’s around the room and in our morning message
* Worked on printing capital V and lowercase v
* Clap syllables in words
* Listen for the /d/ sound in words
* Identify ending sounds in words
* Practiced Letter Tiles
* Can code and read many words!
* New sight word:  have!
* Practice decodable reader I Did It!
* Many Valentine’s Day Activities!
* Valentine’s Day Party!

push pin: Books We Read
* Valentine Mice by Bethany Roberts
* The Best Thing About Valentines by Eleanor Hudson
* The Night Before Valentine’s Day by Natasha Wing
* The Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting
* Snow Valentines by Karen Gray Ruelle
* One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell
* Vera Viper’s Valentine by Maxwell Higgins
* Dinosaur Valentine by Liza Donnelly
* And Many Others

push pin: Center Activities
* Math Center – Weight objects using the balance scale
* Computer Center – Play webkinz or listen to books
* Dramatic Play- Free play in the classroom
* Art Center – Water color Valentines Pictures

push pin: Math Activities
* Act out story problems
* Candy Heart Graphing
* Create ABC patterns
* Guess and check to solve problems

* Copy designs on geoboards
* Review dimes, pennies, and nickles!
Count 1-100

* Practiced writing as far as we can!