1st Semester Week 15 November 25th- November 29th

Week Sixteen (November 25th- November 29th)

Welding I

Goals:The students will learn to operate the mig welders safely.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Identify the parts of the mig welders. A.E 12.2.4
Tuesday Select the proper settings associated with the mig welders for gas and speed. A.E 12.2.4 S 12.3.2
Wednesday Demonstrate the ability to set all settings for the welding machines. A.E 12.2.4 S 12.3.3
Thursday Identify and tell the difference of all wires. A.E 12.2.4 M12.3.1
Friday Prepare a joint for the metal process to be successful. A.E 12.2.4 R/W 12.3.2

Goals:Students will be able to synthesis knowledge about interpersonal skills.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Develop an appreciation and understanding of different leadership styles. Practice parly pro in class all week. R/W 12.1.1 A.E12.6.1
Tuesday The students will incorporate team building concepts by practicing parly pro in class R/W 12.1.2
Wednesday The students will feature the main motion in class and motion to postpone indefinitely in class. SS?H 12.4.3
Thursday Discuss all the subsidiary motions in class R/W 12.2.4
Friday Discuss refer to a committee and its major functions. R/W 12.3.2

Vocational Ag 8
Goals:The students will examine the elements of biotechnology.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Define biotechnology, DNA, and other related terms. Terms sheet.
Tuesday Compare methods of plant and animal improvement. Students will make Kimchee.
Wednesday Discuss historic applications of biotechnology.
Thursday Explain the concept of genetic engineering.
Friday Terms quiz and quiz bowl tourney. Test

Goals:Students will be able to identify, explain and describe the anatomy and physiology of plants.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Classify plants using taxonomy terminology. Take care of poinsettias at the greenhouse all week. A.E 12.5.7 Plant systems R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Conduct plants structure dissections. Finish taking care of the plants at the high school. R/W 12.1.2
Wednesday Identify live plant species. Science 12.1.2
Thursday Collect and display products derived from plant materials. S 12.8.3
Friday Discuss the future impact of plants at the school. S12.8.2

AgĀ  Science
Goals:Students will be able to identify and demonstrate environmentally compatible pest managment strategies which promote efficient plant growth.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Collect and classify important insects. The students will prepare for the agronomic contest for Districts this week. A.E 12.5.6 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Analyze data and determine the economic threshold of diseases. SS/H 12.4.2
Wednesday Identify important weeds found in Nebraska. S 12.4.4
Thursday Determine the break even price associated with fertilizers. M 12.3.1
Friday Determine production break even prices for crops. M 12.5.1

Intro to Ag

Goals:The students will learn the importance of using parliamentary procedure to keep a proper meeting.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday The students will discuss the main features of a main motion. The students will practice parly all week in class. A.E 12.6.1 SS/H 12.4.3
Tuesday Discuss the motion to postpone indefinitely. R/W 12.3.2
Wednesday Discuss all subsidiary motions. R/W 12.3.1
Thursday Discuss the motion to refer to a committee. R/W 12.2.5
Friday Have a parly contest in class and a quiz. R/W 12.1.1