2nd Semester Week 15 April 11th- 15th

2 nd Semester Week Fifteen April 11th – 15th

Welding I

Goals:Students will perform a variance of duties considerations of management of projects for class.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Identify variables used to incorporate structural components of welds. Lab Work Power, structural, and technical systems 12.2.3 R/W 12.1.2
Tuesday Conduct a structure site evaluation and interpret plans of a project. R/W 12.1.6
Wednesday Develop a list of materials needed for the plan. M 12.4.1
Thursday Determine any structure codes needed and other regulations that are posted. M 12.4.2
Friday The students will use power tools safely to erect project. S 12.6.1

Animal Science
Goals:Students will be able to demonstrate the principles of nutrition as they relate to efficient livestock production.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Tour Tyson and Hi Gain feedlot. Animal Systems 12.3.3 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Discuss the information learned at Tyson and Hi Gain. R/W 12.2.1
Wednesday Take field trip to greenhouse to study plant life. M 12.2.1
Thursday Calculate cost of feeding rations needed by animals. Current Events S 12.7.1
Friday Current events discussed in class. R/W 12.2.1

Vocational Ag 8
Goals:The students will develop leadership skills.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Define a leader and leadership traits.
Tuesday Explain why effective leadership is needed in Agriscience.
Wednesday State some of the major traits of good leaders.
Thursday Describe the opportunities for leadership development in the FFA.
Friday Demonstrate positive leadership skills in a role play situation.

Goals:Students will identify a career in the landscaping and turf grass area and try to manage plants and plant life that may be beneficial to a landscape.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Analyze a landscape site. Plant Systems 12.5.2 S 12.6.1
Tuesday Draw a base scale to a landscape map. SS/H 12.1.11
Wednesday Select and recognize plants that may be attractive in the landscape site. SS/H 12.3.11
Thursday Select trees to be used in the landscape plan. M12.4.2
Friday Discuss the 6 major advantages of using sod in a landscape. M12.4.1

Ag. Business
Goals:Students will demonstrate the importance of human relations skills in successful business management.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Students will identify how to incorporate organizational communication. Agribusiness systems 12.1.4 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Students will discuss the correct way to fill out an application. R/W 12.3.2
Wednesday Students will fill out an application correctly. R/W 12.3.1
Thursday Review the student applications and discuss interview techniques. R/W 12.2.4
Friday Discuss the proper way to interview and the do nots of interviewing. R/W 12.1.6

Intro to Ag

Goals:The students will begin to analyze S.A.E projects and the importance of keeping records.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Introduce the S.A.E record book.
Tuesday Discuss the inventory pages and how they are used.
Wednesday Discuss the importance of assets and liabilities and income versus expenses.
Thursday Determine the proper use of a journal pages and skills and ablilities pages.
Friday Review the record book problem pages.