2nd Semester Week 9 Feb28th- March 4

2nd Semester Week Ten (Feb 28th -March 4)

Welding I

Goals:Students will identify and demonstrate practical skill application within the mechanical energy system.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Identify the energy sources of the welders and the electrical currents of each. Vertical up welds Power, structural and technical systems 12.2.2 R/W 12.1.2
Tuesday Evaluate and electrical diagram and flow charts for electrical currents of welders. Vertical down welds R/W 12.1.6
Wednesday Perform energy systems management and adjust energy requirements for each machine. R/W 12.2.5
Thursday Students will safely operate each welder. R/W 12.3.2
Friday Observe the electrical code guidelines of each machine.

Animal Science
Goals:Students will recognize the signs of normal and abnormal health in animals.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday List the signs that stress animals. Animal Systems 12.3.10 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Describe the methods to identify animals before marketing. Practice parly R/W 12.3.1
Wednesday Describe grooming techniques of show animals. S 12.7.1
Thursday Describe methods of neonatal care of animals. Practice Parly R/W 12.2.5
Friday Current Events

Vocational Ag 8
Goals:The students will demonstrate the knowledge of terms used in the agricultural industry.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Introduce new terms used in the agriculture today.
Tuesday Review with terms worksheets.
Wednesday The students will finish unit 1 in the agricscience book.
Thursday The students will understand the value of science in the ag industry.
Friday The students will quiz over unit 1 terms and play quiz bowl.

Goals:Students will be able to identify, analyze and perform management operations necessary to grow plants in an artificial environment.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Identify the basic containers needed to transplant plants. Plant Systems 12.5.3 M 12.3.1
Tuesday Discuss the effect of insects in an enclosed environment. S 12.1.1
Wednesday Start and grow plants from seeds. S 12.6.1
Thursday Determine the proper watering techniques used in a greenhouse. SS/H 12.1.11
Friday Describe control methods used in a greenhouse. R/W 12.3.1

Ag. Business
Goals:Students will be able to compare and contrast the business marketing principles utilized in marketing a product.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday Students will define terms used in the marketing concept. Agribusiness Systems 12.1.12 M 12.2.2
Tuesday Students will identify factors that cause change on supply and demand. M 12.5.1
Wednesday Students will use graphs and determine effects of demand. R/W 12.3.2
Thursday Students will list the objectives of an ag sales presentation. R/W 12.1.6
Friday Students will use marketing strategies to create a sales campaign. R/W 12.1.2

Intro to Ag

Goals: The students will demonstrate the objectives of an S.A.E program.

Instructions Assignment Objectives Standards Goals Links
Monday The students will evaluate the 3 career areas in the S.A.E.
Tuesday The students will learn about the placements side of the S.A.E.
Wednesday The students will discuss ownership of an S.A.E.
Thursday The students will discuss agriscience principles of an S.A.E
Friday Take test over S.A.E