2nd Semester Week 1 Jan 6th-10th

2nd Semester Jan 6-10

Welding I

Goals:Students will develop through observation and demonstration of safety rules and regulations a basis for a positive safety attitude and responsible behavior.

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Monday Demonstrate positive safety attitudes from audio visuals and discuss safety in the shop. A.E Mechanical Systems 12.2.1 R/W 12.3.1
Tuesday Review all safety procedures of the equipment. R/W 12.3.2
Wednesday Assign personal safety equipment and class responsibilities. S12.7.1
Thursday Relate personal safety issues to the class. Unit 1 over safety. S12.7.5
Friday Demonstrate safety rules and regulations. Introduce unit 2 R/W 12.3.1

Animal Science
Goals:Students will recognize the influence of history, government and societal issues on the systems of animal production and employment opportunities.

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Monday Recognize and discuss livestock production systems past, present and future. Animal Systems 12.3.1 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Select and research a production system for a particular species. SS/H 12.1.3
Wednesday Compare and discuss similar systems across the species. Students will report on a production system. S 12.7.6
Thursday Project future systems of beef, swine and sheep. S 12.8.1
Friday Compare past systems of production to systems of today. Article review and terms quiz. R/W 12.1.2

Vocational Ag 8
Goals:The students will recognize major scientific advancements that explain the development, existence, and improvements of living things.

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Monday Define agriscience. Ag terms.
Tuesday Discover agriscience and the world around us.
Wednesday Relate agriscience to agriculture, agribusiness, and renewable natural resources. Do unit 1 worksheet.
Thursday State the major sciences that support agriscience.
Friday Describe basic and applied sciences that realate to agriscience. Take terms quiz.

Goals:Students will identify, explain and describe the important anatomy and physiology of plants.

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Monday Key out plant specimens. Plant Systems 12.5.7 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Conduct plant structure dissections. S12.8.3
Wednesday Identify plant specimens. R/W 12.3.1
Thursday Develop and maintain a plant material collection. S 12.6.2
Friday Develop a historical timeline of advancements in plant science. Review quiz. R/W 12.1.6

Ag. Science
Goals:Students will be able to identify and describe the economic principles that influence the creation and conduct of business in a free trade market economy.

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Monday Students will define the principles of business, production and marketing. Agribusiness systems 12.1.1 R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Identify the types of business and their changing nature. SS/H 12.3.13
Wednesday Recognize business efficiency factors including mass production and technology. R/W 12.1.2
Thursday Identify the dynamics of international trade. SS/H 12.3.11
Friday Identify U.S growth and the impact on a global market place. Quiz S 12.1.3

Intro to Ag

Goals:Students will be able to list and describe the major components of the processing segment of the food industry.

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Monday Describe the history of the food science industry and its impact on the U.S A.E 12.4.3 Food Science R/W 12.1.1
Tuesday Students will describe the evolution of food processing an its impact  today. S 12.8.3
Wednesday Identify important inventors and scientists of food processing from ancient to current times. Identify the wholesale cuts of the beef animal. R/W 12.1.2
Thursday Describe the meat processing industry. R/W 12.2.5
Friday List and identify the first original food corporations and teir impact on food processing. R/W 12.2.1